Tasheni Followers One For All And All For One Part 1

Tasheni Followers – One for All and All for One
Size: 831.16
Version: 1.1
Published: April 9, 2022

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This mod comes as is. Make a clean save before installing. Use a mod manager to install. Don’t put loose files in your data folder. You can’t uninstall it midgame. Use at your own risk. Don’t expect a 100% bugfree mod, but it will not break your game.

Meet six indivdual confident personalities with their own past, own future, own stories. They have their own points of view and if you open yourself, you will get involved into a bigger story nobody would guess.

This is only the first part of the story. The future happenings are foreshadowed here. At the end you will get a reward.

This is a storydriven questline. You will be guided by a questlog. To learn about your followers, talk to them at taverns and player homes. But they have also dialogue at other places. They are also very nice addition if you are exploring worldspaces from other mods.

Follower features:

– questlog

– their own stories that will be uncovered while doing Skyrim quests

– quest aware: Mainquest, Companions questline, College of Winterhold questline, some city quests, some side quests

– three own miniquests, one is important to advance the story.

– more than 3300 lines of dialogue

– 46 scenes, some songs and tunes and poems. They are controled by the Story Manager and will trigger in taverns, player homes or if you unequip your weapons, sit or lay. Means, you can trigger scenes everywhere.

– They will act together in combat and care for another. This is realized through dialogue and scenes.

– group commands – if you have recruited all six. Talk to Sherda.

– they sandbox in taverns and playerhomes, if you sit, lean or laydown or unequip weapons and spells

– they change their armor to clothes at playerhomes, three different outfits for each

– they come with their own horses

– playerhorse Vala which carries your stuff. Use her as a mount or use her as a companion. You can talk to her and give her orders. She is very fast. If she has the speed amulet in her inventory, she galops and trotts, if the player has it in their inventory, she walks and canter.

– map markers and summon spells, in case they get lost or you need them urgently near you. This works also if they are waiting somewhere.

– Ramgar can lead you to several ingame locations.

– they loot at clearable locations, if you command that. They stop looting if you start sneaking or draw a weapon or spell. If you need them close for a tough enemy, you should command them not looting first.

– two different beginnings: Helgen Intro or Alternate Start

– Ruby and Tom, Eldrid and Chiomara will train fighting and magic at certain hours, if you are outside somewhere and have your weapons and spells unequipped or if you are in furniture state.


Skyrim.esm and SKSE

Start a new game, if you want to uncover the story, not required, if you need just some followers. If you have an older version installed, you can’t update without starting a new game. All scripts have changed!

I highly recommend to go through Helgen Intro. But it’s not a hard requirement.

What you need to know:

You need to play Skyrim mainquest, if you want to explore their own questline. The questline will split at a certain point from Skyrim’s mainquest.

Don’t uninstall midgame. It will break your game.

Don’t dismiss them. You can’t recruit them again. Just tell them to wait somewhere, they will wait forever, if you forget them.

Don’t use AFT or EFF or else on them, they use their own framework and these mods will break their AI

You can’t give them clothes or armor. You can, if it is higher in protection, they may use it, but they will mainly wear it over their own and they will change back if you go inside a playerhome or outside from there. Ramgar or Sherda will tell you some words about it.

You can give them weapons, but this will break their story to a certain degree. They do comment about their weapons.

Follower orders menu is behind dialogue like: I have some orders for you, or I have to tell you something, on the second tier. If player dialogue is available, it will appear on the first tier. So you see it immediately and need not to go through the orders menu everytime.

You will get a message, if part one of their storyline ends. But they are still useful afterwards.

Known bugs:

Skyrim was not made to carry a lot of followers with you. If some of them are not following from inside houses to outside, draw your fists, weapon or spell, then they should appear. If not, use group command or summon spell.

Vala may run away, if you have teleported her to you (with her ring). Use the ring again and tell her she should wait.

If the followers are not mounted immediately after you have mounted, tell Ruby or Sherda (group commands) to mount faster. This will reset the mounting quest. Then they mount and dismount very fast.

This happens mainly if you play Helgen Intro, because then the OnInit Event in the script will not fire. So talk to Ruby after you are out of the dungeon to fix that.


Few scenes play automatically if you are inside a tavern or at playerhomes or traveling in different regions. But most of them should only play if you unequip your weapons and spells or sit or lay down somewhere. Dialogue interrupts scenes and they are also interrupted sometimes if inside a tavern a bard is playing music or sings and the followers will turn to idle drink or clap hands state. This is Story Manager specific, but if you unequip your weapons and spells every scene will be repeated randomly, so you can follow what is said. Or if you are in other worldspaces and want to have followers around that are not too quiet.

If a scene is playing, wait until it’s over before you leave an interior cell. If a scene where all are included stops suddenly or doesn’t finish, push the followers towards Sherda, this should do the trick. Followers try to get near her, but sometimes obstacles are in their way, like a fireplace in a tavern. The scene will halt until followers are near enough.

Part two will be named Tasheni Followers and the Isles Of Teia. What’s this about? Attention spoiler!

Kyne is creation! The Adamantine Stone, the Zero Stone inside the Adamantine Tower ensures the structure of creation. If the Direnni want to go back to the immortal plane, they need to find the secret of that stone or free the time dragon. Both is an attack on creation, the Goddess Kyne! Kyne also leads the souls of the dead Nord to Sovngarde. Without her there will be no hope and no afterlife.

The Direnni have almost gotten to the point where they are able to reach Aetherius. The last information they need to be successfull is hidden inside a lost memory stone.

Part two will not come this year anymore.

I hope you have fun. Please notice the credits list, without the help of a lot of people this mod would not exist.

Your comments are welcome, either here on my webpage or on AFK Mods or on my nexus blog (link under my nexus profile).


You may alter the appearance of my followers or translate it to other languages. Please link back to the original mod and give credits.

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