Tasheni’s Winterdogs LE

Tasheni’s Winterdogs LE
Size: 14 MB
Version: 1.0
Published: January 5, 2022

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They are hairy. They are cute. And best prepared for the cold, harsh climate of Skyrim.


This mod comes as is. Make a clean save before installing. Use a mod manager to install. Don’t put loose files in your data folder. You can’t uninstall it midgame. Use at your own risk.

Tasheni’s Winterdogs with Companion Dooma

This mod adds dogs to most of the farms in Skyrim. It replaces Meeko, Stump and Vigilance and adds a companion dog named Dooma.

Find Dooma in Winterhold at the ruins. Sometimes she wanders off, so maybe you will have to search for her.

If Meeko is not around his shack, find the spelltome inside the shack and summon him.


  • Meeko and Dooma will play together, if you allow them to do this. Talk to Dooma. They will wander off and chase each other in a large distance around the player. To stop it, talk to Meeko. They will start chasing each other again if player sits or leans somewhere outside.
  • Meeko and Dooma will not participate in combat if you tell them they should not or if you sneak.
  • Both dogs come with a summon spell, in case they get lost.
  • You can tell them to wait or wait and guard, then they take care of predators. They wait forever, if you forget them.
  • They have no animal count, so you can take other pets with you, if you like.

Mod is not compatible with any other mod that affects Meeko. All other dog replacer will work, but you have to load them after this mod. I highly recommend to use a mod like Barking Dogs Cure or similar. Download from nexus.

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