Tasheni’s Ethnic Winterclothes SE

Tasheni’s Etnic Winterclothes SE

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Find the trader Niviarsiaq of the Cold Winds traveling with her packhorse between Morthal, Dawnstar and Winterhold, or sandboxing in the towns. At weekends she stays in Morthal. She will be happy to trade with you and to have a nice chat.

Full package: Common people of Skyrim wear now distinguished ethnic outfits, fitting for the cold and their daily routines.
Included are 32 female dresses, 25 male coats, 5 children clothes, 2 pair of children boots, 13 pair of male and female boots, 10 hoods and hats. Some of them have no male or female counterpart, i.e. the servant dresses are for females only. In the vendor and full package included are some of my Redguard armor, craftable and temperable. Worker’s boots and thick gauntlets can be worn by children. The gauntlets refuse to show up in the barter menu, but you can craft them at the tanning rack.

BSA Archive, FOMOD installer. USSEP, RSC and CBBE patches. Credits go to Atsuraelu for porting it over to SE and creating the patches.

This is also a modder’s resource. Do anything you like with it, but credit me and Atsuraelu and put a link to this side into your description.


  1. I can’t approach without being attacked by the vendor and her dog. Once I killed the dog (*sadface*) the vendor was able to talk to me without attacking me. This was a completely new game. I woke up in Morthal and went out to talk to her before I did anything else.

  2. I never realized that the download link was missing. The problem is solved now. My apologies for your inconvenience.

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