The Isles of Teia with The Pride of Teia

The Pride Of Teia
Size: 1,6 GB
Version: 1
Published: July 30, 2022

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Permissions: You may alter this mod or create your own stuff, as long as you use this mod as a masterfile. Include the credits list. Don’t upload to Steam. And don’t make money with it. It’s one of two big mods I did in the last six years and a work of my heart. And if you are generous, support my site

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The Pride of Teia – Sailable Redguard ship and Player home

This is a WIP! Make sure you have a clean save before you install this mod, in case something went wrong or you want to uninstall.

Where is it?
The ship lies at the coast in front of Dawnstar, or in the Isles of Teia behind Lonely Rock, north from Ilmen. In Teia you can use a small sailboat to get there.

I created docks at Solitude docks and Castle Volkihar, in Teia is only the main dock where the ship is located, or at Angalayond.

Skyrim was not made originally to handle this kind of setup, so please read first, before you get in trouble.

The Pride of Teia is a really big sailable ship with two fully functional interiors: a cabin and a basement. The doors in the interiors function in two directions:
They teleport you either on that ship in Skyrim or on that ship in Teia. Means, you can sail either in Skyrim, or in Teia.
You can bring followers on board or horses, but make sure they own a summon spell, in case something went wrong, they get over board or vanish, while you are sailing.
If you are unsure, bring them under deck and let them wait while sailing, until you dock on that ship again.

You can activate the ship at the shipswheel. A messagebox will ask you, if you want to start/stop sailing or drop/lift the anchor.
You can’t sail, if the anchor is dropped, so lift the anchor first.
Move the ship with WSAD keys. Be careful, don’t rush out too fast and move carefully, when docking.
While you are sailing, the ship has no collision. The ship will stop immediately, if you crash on land. This is controlled by two invisible actors that detect land.
But you can sail through mountains, other ships and icefloes, if there is no land under them. Nothing I can do about it.

If you hit e key, you stop sailing. Make sure the ship is not translating anymore, before you hit the e key, otherwise the activators will not spawn at the right place and possibly you can’t activate that ship again.
There is no reset option – I had no time to make one.

Make sure you dropped the anchor, before you jump into the water or enter the interiors. If you don’t, the activator at the ladder of the ship’s hull and the door markers will not be at the right place,
so maybe you can move inside, but not out anymore.

The ship’s deck is navmeshed, as long as it is docked. Obviously navmesh can’t be moved with an object, so while sailing, npcs can’t move around on deck or go from inside to outside.
There is a dock at the coast in front of Dawnstar, one at Solitude docks and one at Volkihar Castle. In Teia there is only the dock at Lonely Rock (not marked) and one at Angalayond.
If you dock on make sure the ship’s step is at a position that fits exactly the steps of the dock (look at the screenshot). Then the navmesh is fitting and you and your followers can walk or ride off board.

If you drop the anchor, the sails are automatically furled. Now you can jump into the water. There is a ladder at the ship’s hull, if you swim near it you will be transported automatically from water on board.
That ladder and triggerbox will not be there, if the anchor is lifted.

Interior doors:
One activator near the bottom moves you to Skyrim, the other above moves you to Teia.

Requirements: Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, Dragonborn.esm, Dawnguard.esm and SKSE.

How to install:
Make a clean save before you install the mod. It is not possible to uninstall midgame. Use a modmanager to install the mod, place it as low as possible in your load order.
If you have another version of Tasheni’s Isles of Teia installed, better start a new game before you use the new version. Scripts may not update properly, but try on your own risk. Don’t use the two mods together. In this mod here is everything from Teia included.

Compatibility issues:
None that I know of. Should not conflict with anything. Can be used together with any other shipsmod.
Mods that alter Solitude docks or the coast in front of Dawnstar could conflict, but I found none, yet.

Known issues:
Translation is stuttering.
Yes. Especially, if your computer is too low. I have 16 RAM, 6 GB NVidia GTX 1060 graphics, Intel core I5, 3,2 GHz. Nothing I can do about it.  
You may not stay at the same spot while sailing, especially if you sail curves.
Sail straight forward, player should be shifted back in front of the shipswheel. Or sail slowly backwards until the position is adjusted new, then go on. You will get a feeling after a while how to sail best. Needs a bit of practice.

Can’t activate that ship anymore.
If the ship is translating and you hit the e key you have lost. So don’t do that! Why? If you hit the e key, the activators and doors will be automatically moved to the ship, where it is when you hit the key.
If the ship is still moving, they stay and because they are invisible, you will not find them again. So you can’t activate that ship again.
I will change that in future, but I can’t say when I ever will find the time again to get back to it.

Followers can’t move on board and are not spawning when summoned, or they can’t follow off board:
You have not docked, or the steps do not match with the docksteps, or you have not dropped the anchor.

Followers fall off while sailing:
Possibly. They are not attached to the vehicle, like it is done in the mod Touring Carriages or similar. It happens only, if you sail crazy angles or let the ship shift heavily.
Stop sailing, drop the anchor, move under deck and summon your followers. Or wait until you have docked somewhere and summon them. I transported my six followers and some horses without issues,
but that needs a bit of “feeling” while sailing.

The interior models are really tricky, every wall and floor is oblique, so especially in the basement it is sometimes hard to move around without issues. I tried my best to handle that, but it is possible you got stuck in the basement.
Followers won’t use the stair of the basement, it is too steep (a problem with the model, navmesh won’t work here). But they do move up magically and jump down to and from the loft, if they like to.
They follow you without problems, if you go outside.
The ceiling is very low inside the ship. If you go cooking, the camera can’t switch to the normal third person view then. The same is, if you use a sleep mod and use the hammocks. You won’t see yourself.
But followers use them and player has a bed in the cabin he can use and all is fine there.
Player might get stuck on the grid integrated into the floor in the basement, especially under the ladder. If nothing helps, use console and tcl. This is also a problem with the ship’s interior model I can’t change.
If player exits the cabin he is faced to the cabin door on deck. That XMarker refuses to get rotated by script. I’m sorry.

The calendar at the wall doesn’t work.
Yes. Hmmpff. Couldn’t get it to work, I guess the texture paths inside the properties of the scripts are wrong. Sorry, I was out of time.

Why is that mod that big?

A new big worldspace, looking totally different from Skyrim, completely new textured dungeon elements, a lot of new models and textures – makes a big mod. Most textures are only 1k, but with accurate normal maps, also 1k.

Please look at the credits list. Without many other modders who created and shared their resources gently, my mods would not have come to life. Without the help of some others, I would not have come so far.

I will be frequently around at the forum, but not that often, and I have no time to do patches, updates, convertions. Feel free to do it yourself.
Thanks to all who supported me, thanks to nexus, even if I don’t agree with some things.

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