Tasheni’s The Isles Of Teia SE


Tasheni’s The Isles of Teia SE
Size: 1GB
Version: 4.1

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This mod comes as is. Make a clean save before installing. Use a mod manager to install. Don’t put loose files in your data folder. You can’t uninstall it midgame. Use at your own risk. Don’t expect a 100% bugfree mod, but it will not break your game.

The Isles of Teia and how to get there

Teia is the name of a goddess, she was honored as a titan of gems, the bright blue sky and precious metals. She was born in the void as an offspring of Padomay. All what’s left of her is the name of the isles, but, maybe some Wild Elves remember her cult, who knows. Teia lies well hidden between the Sea of Ghosts and the Eltheric Ocean in nobody’s land. It’s a very lonesome place. You will find some boats to row or sail to the different isles. Take warm clothes with you, if you visit Angalayond.

There are no quests included, yet, but a task: Destroy the Great Welkynd Stone inside Teia Silaselis. But be prepared.

To get there you must go through Wayward Tunnels. The entrance is south of Left Hand Mine in the Reach. Be prepared: The tunnels are very dark. Make sure you don’t overlook anything.

If you can’t find your way, look at this site: The Isles of Teia Spoiler


Please read the credits list. This mod would not have come to life without many awesome modders who allowed me to use their assets:

The Isles Of Teia Credits


You may use this mod for your own projects, but you have to add it as a masterfile. If you use my mod or assets from it, include the credits list and give credit to me. Please link back to this site: https://seeyouinskyrim.net

You may not use this mod or assets from it for payed content.

Do not upload this mod anywhere else.

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  1. Please notice that the SE version doesn’t have the furnitured cocoon houses and igloos and also not contains the labytinth. An Update for SE will not happen this year.

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