Happy new year to all! Another year has come, the old one is gone and it is easy for me to let it go: it was horrible. I quitted with being terrible ill and stayed in hospital before christmas. Now it’s getting better and I hope this year will become a better one in any way.

If you were with me on nexus, you know that I quitted modding temporary. It’s because of a new job and no time for anything else beside that. But my sickness allowed a break from work. So I started a new isle for Teia. I used baronf’s marvelous Bosmer City KIt to build a forest that is fairly unique to everything else I’ve ever seen in Skyrim. I will post some screenshots in the gallery, so if you haven’t visited my gallery on AFK Mods, you can explore here further. Unfortunately this isle drops fps down to 15 in some areas, but this time I prefer ambience over fps, because it’s simply beautiful. I hope to get that optimized a bit, so that it will be playable after all.

I plan to port my followers mod to SE/AE, I tried it once, but that ended up in a complete desaster. Maybe I can do better this time.

And this website needs to be developed further. Well, let’s hope this will be a good year for everyone and that we all reach our goals.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself. Lots of love, Tasheni 🙂


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