Another Skyrim website is up, yay!

My new Skyrim presence will be finished soon. Some things are already working fine and I hope my mod files will be online in time. Links to my downloads will also be posted under my nexus profile and under Mods In Exile

This site is under development, so please be patient if not all works as intended. WordPress is completely new to me.
Some things must be finished first, so let’s get back to work 🙂



  1. Hello Tasheni,
    I will be coming back here now that you have found a new place!

    • Welcome EvilTwinz, what a nice surprise!

      I hope you will find some interesting things here. I have to develop this site further, but this will take time I don’t have at the moment. But new content will come up soon.

      Greetings and have fun!

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