Next step is done

Today I was busy with creating TOS, Disclaimer, Data protection in both languages, german and english. If you want to download a file, you need to agree to the download terms first. If you want to comment something, you have to register first. Your first comment needs approval by me, but then you can comment on other topics without that. My site is hosted in germany. I’m not responsible for anything if you don’t read the TOS and Disclaimer before assigning.

It’s very annoying that this is all nessecary, but I don’t want to get a warning from internet lawyers. And I won’t get spammed all over. I installed a lot of security. I hope I did this all right. And I hope I will be able to manage this well. It’s my absolutely first time creating an interactive website.

After setting up this platform, I hope I will have time now to provide more content.

That’s for today. Happy modding!

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