Tasheni Followers females got a new look

Before the mod goes online again I had to overhaul the appearance of my followers. The females are done with new fresh faces in a way their original look is improved, but they did not lose their characteristics. With the exception of Chiomara. She’s simply timeless 🙂

I used now a texture set for UNP body and heads, so there is no color mismatch anymore. Very big thanks to ZZJay. They got new tintmasks and hair and a brandnew outfit for Eldrid. But… unfortunately this model makes problems right now, I hope to get the mesh fixed. It would be a pity if I couldn’t use it – it was a ton of work to retexture this dress.

Chiomara also got a new retexture on her armor. Drop by the gallery to get an impression:

Gallery Tasheni Followers

I’m now working on a certain ambush and I’m waiting for new voice files from two of my voice actors. I myself have to voice some hundret lines I’ve written recently. But end of the line for this update is finally insight. I will be happy if it’s out. I’m eager to work on The Isles of Teia again.

Anything else? Ah yes, ReDragon2013 helped me with the scripts. He rewrote everything and improved them and I’m really, really happy and thankful because of this. And I have a new voice actor, Skinnytechboy. I’m totally impressed by his acting and hope, he will voice another role for me.

That’s it for today. Happy modding!

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